Against Kodrat, Suzuki Inazuma Naked It Should Look Stout

Suzuki Inazuma was born as a sport touring bike that has a dashing look macho nan. But all that changed when the home modifications Primo166 "stripped it".

In the hands of the builder, Noerman Pulungan, sportbike 250 cc is transformed into a motorcycle concept cafe cafe racer look. Inazuma's original face is completely invisible. The reason, only the mechanical heart sector is maintained.

Custom touch dominates, such as on the framework, tank, sepatbor, single seat seater, side panel, handlebar clamp, until the exhaust. Colors on the frame and tank are made in tune with bee yellow doff.

In order to look classic, the headlights use a round model. Likewise on the rearview mirror. Since there is no stand, the position of the front number plate is moved down the radiator. While the rear number plate is placed under the seat.

Meanwhile, the legs sector that was originally built is much more robust. Front suspension uses upside down model, while the rear still adopts monoshock.

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Views more bongsor thanks to the larger wheel size wrapped in Shinko tires.

With a view like this now, Suzuki Inazuma 250 2015 alerts are difficult to recognize. Unless you're really on the engine block. What do you think, cool?

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