Already 1,800 Units, Online Order Yamaha XMax Temporary Close

Online booking for the latest maxi scooter PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM), XMax, was closed temporarily. Order made through www.yamahamotoronline. able to attract the enthusiasts as many as 1800 units.

Booking motor berbanderol Rp 55 million, closed temporarily because Yamaha trying to provide a more orderly service. That way, consumers get the service in accordance with the needs of each.

"XMax online order will be reopened every 10th of the month, called XMAX Order Online Day #XOD. Do not forget to continue to follow this link: and," write Yamaha in a press release received.

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The positive response given to Yamaha XMax community, making the Japanese manufacturer is very grateful to its loyal customers.

For consumers who still want to purchase XMAX units can be done offline first, through the nearest Premium Dealer R-Shop. Meanwhile, for input order online will be done when online order program reopened.

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