Change the Suzuki GSX-S150 Touring Style Standard, It It Costs

PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) as the agent holder of Suzuki motorcycle brand in the country, officially launched the latest variant of GSX-S150 Touring Edition. However, the motor that dibanderol Rp 25 million is only produced as much as 150 units per month.

But, for those who do not get Suzuki GSX-S150 Touring Edition, or who already has a standard version and want to change the ride-style touring, can still buy various accessories at the manufacturer's official dealers bearing the letter 'S' is.

"Can change the Suzuki GSX-S150 standard so touring, because we also provide accessories at authorized dealers," said Banggas Pardede, Head Section Head Market Relation PT SIS, in Jakarta some time ago.

For this touring style, Suzuki prepares seven accessories with three that have been installed in the GSX-S150 Touring Edition and also sold in official delaer, the windshield smoke plus black bracket sold Rp 513 thousand, hand guard Rp 314 thousand, and bracket and soft side Bag Rp 816 thousand.

As for the other four are only sold at authorized dealers, such as windshield clear and chrome bracket Rp 621 thousand, tank sticker Rp 42 thousand, decal set Rp 114 thousand set, and reflector ornament Rp 101 thousand.

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When viewed from the price of three additional accessories that reach Rp 1.634 million and combined with the official standard Suzuki GSX-S150 Rp 23.9 million (introductory price) it can be translucent Rp 25.543 million.

The price is more expensive, rather than buying a Suzuki GSX-S150 Touring Edition.

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