Hunting Honda Monkey in Jakarta, Price Rp95 Million

Along with the growing population, the two-wheeler lovers of course want to look different or the term 'anti-mainstream' cool.

For those who use a motorcycle as a daily vehicle is usually enough to make a number of modifications. But, for the hobbyists, they usually buy models that are somewhat unique and rarely ogled.

Lap Wirasan Motorcycles at STC Senayan, South Jakarta can be a solution for those of you who want to have a different ride from the others.

Yes, the store is putting up a number of hobby motor models ranging from Little Cub, Honda Monkey, also Ape 50 and Ape DX.

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All motor imported directly from Japan as a whole. According to Jawir from Wirasan Motorcycles, buyers are usually collectors and hobbyists.

"This is a lot of interest, we bring directly from Japan," Jawir said when met Questioning price, he said Honda Little Cub priced Rp90 million, Monkey Rp95 million, Ape Rp115 million.

"The price is on the road for 4 to 12 months," he said.

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