One Fill Machine Oil with a Glass Cleaner, This Happens

Have you ever wondered what would happen if one changed the engine oil? Now you do not need to imagine it, the article of a Mini owner wrongly change his favorite car oil. The machine that should be filled with high-performance oil, this man instead replace it with a glass cleaner.

I do not know what the car owner thinks when changing the oil. To be sure, glass cleaning fluid as much as five liters is already filled into the machine. Launched Jalopnik, the Mini is used to run for 10 minutes, until the exhaust smoke emit blue.

10 minutes is a long enough time to mix the glass cleaner liquid with the remaining oil in the engine room. The result? The blend of oil residue with glass cleaning fluid produces a combination of brown and green.

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This incident became a reminder, that a small mistake in the change of oil can be fatal. If you are not used to it, try to be accompanied by a technician who understands. Or let the technician in the workshop do this work.

To avoid similar things, you should read your car's manual. From the book you can find out important information, such as the type of engine oil and transmission used, the ideal oil change distance, to the meaning of the logo embedded in the instrumental car panel.

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