Those Who Fail 'Kill' Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza is a sweet story of other stories ever recorded in the history of Indonesian automotive. Since its launch in late 2003, the annual sales of this car have never been shaken.

A little flashback, Toyota Avanza is a car made in response to the needs of the public will a four-wheeled vehicle. At that time, Toyota's best-selling model was the Kijang, but the longer it became, the more affordable the ordinary people.

Johnny Dharmawan, who was then President Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), is a person who contributed greatly to the presence of this car. "We are thinking of creating a car with seven specifications like the Kijang but not the Kijang," he said, in 2013.

So be a vehicle that later became known as the "car of a million people". Avanza is taken from Italian, Avanzato, which means an increase. In the year when it first slid, this car immediately sold almost 50 thousand units. The expected increase is really real.

With the presence of Avanza (and Daihatsu Xenia as its twin brother), the segment of Low Multi-Purpose Vehicle (LMPV) starts to wiggle. In the future this segment become the most fat segment in Indonesia. No wonder then then some other brands try to go into the same segment.

So began the "war" to stop the dominance of Avanza by the manufacturer of competitors. Of the many manufacturers who try to enter, at least there are some quite disturbing. Call it the Suzuki Ertiga and Honda Mobilio. But anyway, they're just pebbles.

Based on data from the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo), sales of Suzuki Ertiga when paving first, 2013, penetrate the number 34,074 units. While in the same year, Avanza sold 192,146 units, or nearly six times the sales of Ertiga.

The story of the "Avanza killer candidate" who never successfully runs his "mission" continues over and over in the years that follow. Sales of Ertiga have never been more than a quarter of Avanza's sales. Last year, Ertiga sold 32,119 units only, while Avanza dominated with 122,654 units.

Ertiga fate again repeated by Honda Mobilio, which when launched, 2014 ago, also staying digadang able to counter the dominance of Avanza. But the fact is, when the sale of Avanza penetrated 162,070 units, Mobilio knees at 79,288 units only.

Mobilio was even only able to survive two years to trail the Avanza in second position LMPV bestseller. Last year, they were evicted by Xenia, which sold 44,720 units.

These two models, despite failing to match the Avanza, are much better fate than any other LMPV that could have existed. Call it, Chevrolet Spin, Mitsubishi Maven, Mazda VX-1, and Nissan Evalia. Everything is just a small ornament from a giant named Avanza.

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This year, the LMPV segment will become even more hectic with the presence of two new models from two manufacturers: Wuling, China and Mitsubishi, both from Japan. Two LMPVs of these two brands, as they have been, will also disrupt Avanza's dominance. They will potentially be the new Avanza "killer".

But what are these two products capable of? Or even, the story of Ertiga and Mobilio will be repeated again?

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