Vespa Goda Racing Lovers with the Six Days Special Edition

Rome - Vespa officially launched a new limited edition model, Sei Giorni or in English called Six Days

The latest model from the Italian manufacturer was produced in honor of the original Vespa Sport Six Days who had won the International Six Days in Varese in 1951, with nine gold medals.

Reported by autoevolution, this model is based on Vespa GTS by adopting the classic Vespa style. This model comes with a wide handlebar apply, a la Vespa Six Days original.

The Vespa Six Days also comes with an instrument panel inspired from the original model, with an elegant circular shape, and a white background. This motor speedometer is also made analog, but with a contemporary technology that provides a lot of information to riders.

This model gets single leather seats with contrasting stitching, as well as storage drawers a la Vespa racing 1950s. This model also features black rims, exhausts, panels and small details such as spherical number plates.

Complementing the existing features, this model also features a serial number as a special edition mark, USB in the trunk, ABS, and LED headlights.

For the heart runway, this model will be armed 4-Tak engine, Liquid Cooled, with a capacity of 300cc Euro4 emission standards. With these specifications, the motor is capable of blowing power up to 21 Tk at 5,000 rpm, and maximum torque of 22 Nm.

But unfortunately, Vespa not include the price, and how many units will be produced for this Vespa Six Days. Reportedly, the model will be produced with a multiple of six, such as 12, 18, or 24 units.

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