4 Secrets to Changing Fate for a Better Life

Can change destiny?
Many lazy people who make fate as a pretext for laziness. In fact, that destiny can be changed. Indeed, not all destiny can be changed. For example, if we are destined to be a man, it can not be transformed into a woman.

We can not change the destiny that has happened because time is created can not back down. What is meant to change destiny here is to change destiny in the future.

Then how do we change destiny? The right and proper way, of course, must be sourced from the Maker of destiny that no other Allah SWT through Al Quran and Hadith of the Prophet.

For those of you who do not know, that destiny can be changed, please refer to the following hadith:

Hadith from Imam Turmudzi and Hakim, narrated from Abdullah ibn Umar, that the Prophet SAW said: "Whoever his heart is open to pray, then the doors of mercy will be opened for him. No plea is more favorable to God than the request of the one who asks for salvation. Truly prayer is beneficial to something that is happening and that has not happened yet. And no one can reject taqdir except prayer, then hold fast to Allah's servants on prayer ". (HR Turmudzi and Judge)

If you are destined to be born from a poor family, it can not be changed. The past to this day is poor, it can not be changed. However, you can refuse the fate of being a poor man with prayer.

How to Change Destiny
Changing Fate By Praying.
The God who sets our destiny, then God has the power to change it, meaning a new destiny for us. Changing destiny means God is replacing it with a new destiny. Still, God decides destiny. The first way is to pray as described in the above hadith.

Please pray, I also continue to pray for a better life in the world and expect the good also in the afterlife. Praying is important and should be done seriously, do not come. Take the time and the heart to really bedo'a, not just a quick comat plait without even bringing the heart to understand what is being said.

Do'a without the useless action? No, sometimes there are conditions where we can not act again, then bedo'alah. Sometimes, we are confused about what to do? Pray. You have tried and are acting, then pray. Hopefully God guides our step. Including open mind to do something.

The second way is to give charity. Rasulullah SAW once said: "Silaturrahmi can extend life and alms can change taqdir the mubram" (Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim, at-Tirmidhi, Imam Ahmad)

It could be that you will be hurt or lose, but it may not happen because you do alms. Therefore, let us increase alms, hopefully we avoid the destinies that we do not like and changed by God into destiny that adds goodness to us.

The third way is to glorify. There is a hadith narrated from Sa'd Ibn Abi Waqosh, Rasulullah said:

"Will you tell me a prayer, which if you use it when it comes to sadness or disaster, then God will relieve that sadness? The Companions replied: "Yes, O Messenger of Allah, the Messenger said" That is the prayer "Dzun-Nun:" LA ILAHA ILLA ANTA SUBHANAKA INNUM KUNTU MINADH-DHOLIMIN "(There is no god but You, holy You, I am among people dholim "). (H.R. Imam Ahmad, At-Turmudzi and Al-Hakim).

I still remember, about 20 years ago, AA Gym taught this tasbih. May flow the reward to him for teaching this great deed. Let us amalkan, could after performing the prayer, tuck on our prayer sidelines. make a daily dhikr.

The fourth way is to pray that there is a hadith narrated by Ubay Ibn Ka'ab, that a man has dedicated all his sholawat rewards to Rasulullah SAW, so the Apostle said to the man: "Then will your sadness disappear, and your sins will be forgiven" (HR Imam Ahmad At-Tabroni)

Got sadness, keep on praying. Rasulullah SAW must be the one who gets salvation, but the reward for our diligent prayer will return to us, such as the elimination of our sadness.

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Shalawat also as proof of our love to Rasulullah SAW.

So, never stop praying and trying. No matter what the current conditions are, everything can still change. However bitter our experience in the past, can still change. Optimistic you can always change your destiny for the better.

No more reason, all weakness, sadness, and poverty is already destiny. Perhaps, then let it pass, that is our destiny. Now, we still have hope that God will turn a bitter fate into a sweet fate.

Hope is still there, pray and keep trying.

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