The Mechanism of Achieving Success Or Failing What's in Yourself?

A lot of wisdom around us. One of them from the vehicle system, for example a modil. Why car? Maybe I'm a graduate of a machine, so I'm interested in how cars work. I see there is a working principle of car engine that we can take the lesson and applied in our daily life.

I am currently looking at the transmission gears of a car.

When you start the car, what teeth do you use? Of course one tooth. Even though you are in a hurry, it is impossible for you to enter the 4th gear to make the car run fast. Why selected 1st gear? Because this is where most teeth have the greatest torque to start the journey. Just try 4th gear, it will not be strong.

What is the wisdom? In everyday life, sometimes to start something good, difficulty asking for forgiveness. Why is it so difficult? Because most people always go straight to gear 4 and step on the gas. No matter how hard your gas stamps, if the transmission is not strong, the car will not move.

Start with first gear, slow but powerful. One of them is to learn the science first when going to do something heavy. Many people do not want to learn first, because no visible result. That's gear 1, seems to have no speed, but has great strength. Knowledge is power!

Once able to walk, do not feel at home in one's teeth. Because very slow. Because of the slow, we may quickly give up because the results have not been seen. Is a boss driving a car with low speed. You have to move teeth so you can be faster in reaching goals. No matter how hard you step on the gas pedal but stay on the 1st gear, then the car will not be able to run at maximum speed. If you want fast, move to gear 2, 3, 4, even 5.

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Moving the tooth is to increase the paradigm, mindset, or mindset. If you want to achieve success faster, you must improve your mindset. If not, there will always be something that limits you to move from your current speed.

If you want to have an income of Rp 100,000,000 a month, then you must have the same mindset with people who already have that kind of income. Otherwise, no matter how hard you work, the results you want will not be achieved. Is not it strange to hear the sentence

"I've tried."

Maybe he's been trying, but have he improved his mindset? How about you? If not, you can get the secret here.

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