In Any Circumstance Try not to Be Proud

Arrogance is a disease that often affects us all, the seeds often appear without us knowing it.

In the first level,
Arrogant is caused by a material factor. We feel richer, more beautiful, and more honorable than others.

In the second level,
Arrogant is caused by a factor of intelligence. We feel smarter, more competent, and more insightful than others.

In the third level,
Arrogant is caused by a factor of kindness. We often think of ourselves as more moral, more generous, and more sincere than others.

Which are interesting,
The higher the level of arrogance,
The more difficult we also detect it.

Arrogant because the material is very easily visible, but arrogant because of knowledge, especially arrogant because of goodness, difficult to detect because often just shaped seeds in our inner.

Try every day, we examine our mind, our mind.

We humans are just like dust, which one day will disappear and disappear, die.

Pride will only lead us to a deep fall. Let's practice to avoid all forms of pride.

Once, in a country, there is a wealthy merchant. He is the owner of the famous and best restaurant that ever existed at that time. In addition to the typical taste, the food is very delicious, and the service is very satisfying to anyone who comes there.

Thanks to that restaurant, the merchant gets a lot of sustenance. Although his business became evolved into various fields, but the restaurant that is the lifeblood of a business that is very guarded. Therefore, because he has no offspring, in his old age, he wants to pass on the business to the chosen people who will be trusted to run the business. He will then surrender the effort to the best person, on the condition of half the proceeds, to be donated to the unbeliever.

A few moments the merchant thought of a way to choose the person. Until, once, he invited 80 people who are considered the best in his area. To the 80 people, he presents the best dishes for dinner at his restaurant.

When the 80 people came to meet his invitation, many faces hope, those who will be elected to inherit the wealth of the merchant. So even the merchant, he hopes to choose the best person who can inherit his business. After some small talk, the 80 people were then seated for dinner.

Uniquely, there are 20 table boxes provided, with very long chopsticks on each table. Therefore, when began to be invited to eat, almost everyone who can not wait to taste the delicacy of food from a very famous restaurant was also a hassle.

The merchant then went around to all the tables. He saw that until the 19th table no one had managed to eat the food served. Because, they are competing to eat with a very long chopsticks. Until finally, right at the 20th table, the merchant smiled. At the table, four people seemed to enjoy the meal with each other feeding each other. Indeed, the chopsticks provided are very long, so they can feed people nearby, and vice versa. So, until the event is almost complete, only four of them are full. Meanwhile, others can not enjoy the dish because trying to separate themselves to eat the delicious food.

The story teaches us that in order to achieve something, we should begin by "serving". We should not be greedy, greedy, or just selfish. As illustrated in the story, only those who want to "sacrifice" by giving food to others, then he who will be able to eat with full. Meanwhile, other people are busy looking for ways how to immediately eat the dish, it's inconvenience because do not know "the right way" to eat the dish.

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We have seen, so many people are the source of news because of his behavior. Starting from corruption, to other things that essentially, make the treasure as the main thing.

Money and property are important. However, there are many other important things that should also be our main concern. How we behave, how we help others, how we find balance in life, so that happiness can be obtained. Treasure is a means. We are human beings. Therefore, let's make the "means" as part of our life, but not to make it as a thing that handcuff us.

Let's make life more meaningful. By wanting to care and share, our treasures and money will be much more meaningful.

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