Looking for Meaning of Life for a More Meaningful Life

Finding the meaning of life is one of the important discussions that are often delivered by motivational speakers. In fact they are so stressed how important to know the meaning of life. Because by understanding the meaning of life that we can lead a life more meaningful and more motivated. Then, there is a training session that guides us to discover the meaning of our life.

Is there something wrong?

Look: our life in the world will determine our life in the afterlife. This means we can not arbitrarily determine the meaning of life based on the concept that is not clear origin. If we wrongly interpret this life, then we live based on the wrong meaning, then it is predictable toward where we will live. How will we in the afterlife?

Finding the meaning of life is a serious thing, not kidding. There is no partial thinking that distinguishes the affairs of the world and the matter of the afterlife. The life of the world becomes the determinant of how we live in the afterlife.

Perhaps with the latest methods, we will find various methods of finding meaning in life or purpose in life. Then, it empowers our lives, becomes more successful in the world. However, the success of the world is meaningless if the Hereafter becomes a failed human being.

Thus, finding the meaning of life is a critical point that should not be wrong. It will determine your life both in the world and in the afterlife. The great cleric, Muhammad Al Ghazali, once said that a shallow understanding of life is a cruel 'criminal act'.

Looking for the Meaning of Right Life
To find the true meaning of life, then we need to refer to the guaranteed references that are nothing but the Qur'an which is the word of God Who gives life to all human beings. Of course, Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta'ala who knows best about our lives includes the meaning of our lives.

May we seek the meaning of life under the guidance of the motivator? Of course, if the motivator also refers to the Quran and hadith. If the reference is not the Qur'an and the Hadith, then we need to think about it again.

Is there a universal truth? Yes, of course. The universal truth is the Qur'an itself. It's just that there are people who do not want to follow the truth of the Quran so as to make "new truth" they receive. It's a matter of faith, a difference between believers and non-believers. If you are a believer, surely you will receive wholeheartedly that the Qur'an is the source of true truth, not the other.

For that, in searching for the meaning of life, we must ask: "what is life according to the Quran?". Please read and dig Al Quran. Please ask the guidance of scholars who understand the Quran interpretation. Please read the Qur'anic commentaries written by trusted scholars.

Then What Is The Meaning Of Life According To The Qur'an?
Once again, you can explore the Qur'an to discover the true meaning of life. Here are some core insights on the meaning of life according to the Qur'an.

First: Life Is Worship
In essence, the meaning of life in Islam is worship. Our existence of this world is nothing but to worship God. Meaning of worship in question of course understanding the true worship, not just praying, fasting, zakat, and hajj only, but worship in every aspect of our lives.

"And I did not create jinn and men but that they should worship Me." (QS Adz Dzaariyaat: 56)

Second: Life Is a Test
Allah says in Surah Al Mulk [67]: 2 which is his translation,

"(ALLAH) who made death and life, that He may test you, which of you is better, and He is Mighty, Oft-Forgiving."

Allah will examine mankind through the following matters according to QS Al Baqarah [2]: 155-156 as follows,

"We will indeed tempt you with little fear, famine, lack of wealth, soul and fruits, and give glad tidings to those who are steadfast, those who, when afflicted by misfortune, say: Inna lillaahi wa innaa ilaihi raaji'uun "."

Third: Life in the Hereafter is Better than Life in the World

In QS Ali 'Imran [3]: 14, "made beautiful in (eyes) the man of love for what is desired, namely: women, children, wealth of gold, silver, horses, animals - livestock and fields. That is the pleasures of life in the world, and in the sight of Allah is the place of good return (heaven). "

QS Adh Dhuha [93]: 4, "And verily the Day after it is better for you than it is now (beginning)."

Fourth: Life Is Temporary

In QS Al Mu'min [40]: 39, Allah says, "O my people! Lo! This life of the world is merely (temporary) and verily the Hereafter is eternal land."

In QS Al Anbiyaa [21]: 35, "Each soulful soul will feel death. We will test you with ugliness and goodness as a trial (the truth) and only to Us you are returned. "
To Make Life More Meaningful
Once you understand the meaning of life, then the next step is to align life with the meaning of life. This is what will make our lives more meaningful. If we misunderstand life, then what meaning can we get from this life?

Aligning life with the meaning of life above them by:

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If life is worship, then make sure all our activities are worship. The trick is to always intend our activity for worship and renew it every time because it can change. Second, make sure what we do in accordance with the guidance (worship mahdhah) and not prohibited by the Shari'a (ghair mahdhah).
If life is a test, then there is no other way to align our lives, that is to live life with patience.
If the afterlife is better, then we must prioritize the afterlife. It is not to leave the life of the world, but to make the life of the world as a provision to the next.
If life is temporary, then it needs sincerity (ihsan) in charity. No more relaxed, nagging, prolongation of wishful thinking lazy because we do not live this is not forever. Move now, act now, and race in goodness.
In fact, what is in the Qur'an, no doubt the truth, if there is a mistake it came from my personal fault. Hopefully our efforts to understand the meaning of life make our lives more meaningful.

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