List of Famous Cheap Factory Outlets in Bandung

• Seximo
Slightly different from the surrounding factory outlets, Seximo comes with special fashion products for semi-formal clothes and party clothes. Various clothing models for work needs, graduation costumes, party clothes and clothing for official pickles can be found here, the product presented is the latest model that you can make as a reference source in dress.
• Grande
Grande is a famous factory outlet among shopping lovers. Various types of youth fashion choices that are becoming a trend are available here. Not only young clothes, you can also find all age fashion models here. A complete and trendy fashion collection makes the Grande Factory outlets always crowded with visitors. And along with the development of this region, Grande has also become a choice place to hang out and relax comfortably with friends, spouses or families.
2. Riau Street Area
The next popular factory outlet area is the Riau road area. There are a number of cheap famous FOs here. Following are some of the favorite factory outlet recommendations on Jalan Riau.
• The Secret
To find a place that has a unique and mysterious concept is indeed not easy, you have to go into the alley to find this place. However, the unique appearance of The Secret is a special attraction for fashion lovers. Moreover, here you are offered a wide selection of world-class fashions. There are various world-class brend that you can find here at a cheap price.
• The Summit
The summit is one of the FO that is quite popular in the new Jalan area that presents a comfortable place, variety of products, famous brend and of course quality, so The Summit is one of the shopping tourist destinations that must be visited when traveling to Bandung. The products offered here are imported products and leftover export products that have good quality at affordable prices.
• Heritage
Visiting factory outlets with modern nuances is common. To get a different shopping atmosphere you must visit heritage. Having a unique exotic atmosphere with its historic old buildings, making FO Heritage a high-tensile FO. In addition to presenting a different atmosphere, Heritage also provides various types of fashion brands and famous fashion at very competitive prices. How? Interested in enjoying the thrill of fun shopping here?
• Stamp
Stamp is a factory outlet that sells goods made in Indonesia, especially local products such as shoes, clothing, accessories and other fashion products that are in great demand. To add to the convenience of shopping, in this area there is also a place to rest in cafeteria Filatelli and a food court that offers a variety of food menus that you can enjoy.
• Terminal Bags
As the name suggests, this factory outlet only sells bag products. Bandung is one of the leading bag manufacturers, for those of you who are looking for school bags, briefcases or cheap party bags, this is the place. There are various types and models of bags that you can choose here, but don't let it go shopping.
• For Men
Seeing its name, of course you can already guess that this one factory outlet only provides various fashion products for men. There are various types of products provided here, ranging from clothes, glasses, wallets and various other fashion accessories both casual and formal for all ages you can find here.
3. Jalan Setiabudi Area
The last Factory outlet area that you must visit is the Setiabudi Road area, and the following are cheap FO recommendations that will not disappoint you.
House of Fashion
First is the fashion house, this factory outlet is the famous and most popular FO in the city of Bandung. The place is very spacious, supported by the homey concept of traditional nuances, making the shopping atmosphere even more enjoyable. Moreover, there are various types of fashion products that you can find here, such as clothes, bags, shoes, and other fashion accessories and of course from the famous high-quality brand.
• House Of Donatello
Last is House of Donatello which is a local FO with various leather-based products such as jackets, shoes, bags, belts and other leather accessories. Not only hunted by domestic people, the FO is also a favorite FO for foreign tourists.
Thus are some recommendations for cheap Factory Outlets in Bandung that you must visit. Apart from the above recommendations, there are still many other factory outlets that you can find in Bandung. Hopefully some of the recommendations above can inspire shopping trips in the city of Bandung, so while you are in Bandung, don't miss enjoying shopping trips ...
Description: Cheap factory outlets in Bandung have now become a favorite shopping destination for domestic and manc tourists

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