Ways of Local Cattle to Get Fat Fast

Cattle farming is one of the businesses that have been carried out by the community since long ago. And now with the increasing demand for meat, cattle are not only used for agriculture, but are also assessed in terms of economics. And to improve profitability, of course various efforts are needed, which make the quality of cattle better, which in addition to benefiting farmers can also satisfy buyers. Here's how you can make local cattle as a reference to make cattle fast, fat and healthy.
How Effective Local Cattle Are
The first step that you have to prepare when choosing a cattle business is cow pens. Like cow cages in general, the ideal cow cage is very supportive of the process of maintenance and growth of cattle. And syara ideal cages are close to cow feed sources, not too close to settlements and enough air and sunlight. While the size sometimes ranges from 1.5 x 1 meter for calves, and 1.5 x 2 meters to 2.5 x 2 meters for adult cow cages. If you focus on fattening these local cows, the selection of individual cattle pens is more advisable than group cages.
The next thing you have to do before raising a local cow is choosing the type of cow that you will raise. In general, this local cattle is one of the categories of beef cattle, because it is focused on meat production. For that some sapilokal types that you can choose include Madura cattle, Bali cattle or PO cattle. All of which require extra maintenance for the fattening process to reach a weight of 400 to 600 kg. The local cattle weight is indeed much smaller than the weight of imported cattle but even so, the local cattle enthusiasts are quite high, especially at the time of the Sacrifice.
The next way for local cattle is to care for livestock. The quality of these livestock products is very much influenced by the perwatan and maintenance pattern which consists of cleaning the environment of livestock, feeding to prevention of disease. Given that cattle are very susceptible to several diseases, the cleanliness of cages and cow hygiene must be very concerned. the cleaning process must be done regularly 1 time a day. In addition, vaccination must also be done to avoid common diseases such as anthrax, mouth and nail disease, snoring and other diseases that can reduce the quality of livestock.
Tips for Making Cows to Get Fat Fast
So that beef fat and healthy fast is the most needed is adequate and quality feeding. In addition to influencing the process of livestock growth, this feed quality also affects the quality of beef. In the process of local cattle, the feed you give is not as much as forage feed in general, but also must be given a centralized feed and vitamins to speed up the fattening process. Giving this feed must be adjusted to the weight of the cow, you should first consult the veterinarian or someone who is an expert to get the right composition of feed and to accelerate fattening.
Those are some ways that local cattle can be applied. To maintain and quality of your cattle, always control your cow's weight, and check your health regularly. Thus the information that we can convey, hopefully can be useful for you.
Description: The way local cattle are the same as the way cattle are in general, which is to speed up the fattening process so that sufficient and quality feed is needed.

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