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I don’t know what to say in this blog post. I know i really should write something to bring people to Open Online Experience #OOE13. It’s just so hard to put into words.

The description of the course is even pretty difficult. A connectivist education experience is just so different from what we expect from learning. The explanation takes

OOE13 image, by Glenn Hervieux. and Janet Webster

OOE13 image, by Glenn Hervieux. and Janet Webster

too long, yet, it is so important. How do you explain open learning and not have your audience think they will spend the next 10 months reading random wikipedia articles.

What I would like to talk about is the length and maybe a bit of reasoning behind the whole thing.

The first thing most people notice is the 10 month long course of events. What would it be like to spend three hours a day 5 days a week studying in just one course? It just boggles the mind. That is NOT what we are doing. Instead we took what would be a normal nine or ten week course and stretched it out.

OOE13 is not a course for intensive study in education. We’ve, for the most part, studied education. Instead it is a collaboration with professionals. We take some time and talk about the issues or topics under consideration. We can spend some time exploring how other professional use this information in their classrooms, what kinds of research they might read or write. what they used to do, what they want to do. How it’s affected their professional practices.

Think about that for a second. Take a large topic such as digtal citizenship. I’m a kindergarten teacher so I think, “I don’t need to worry about this topic because my kids don’t use the internet.” Then someone tweets out a link like this.

Then I read a few blogs or papers on the subject I bring up the conversation with my colleagues or a tech coach in my district. The next thing I know I’m talking to my kids about stranger danger online or extending the citizenship lessons we have to online spaces also.

Maybe I write a blog post, or attend a twitter chat or maybe not. The first goal of the Experience has already been achieved when you implemented some new ideas or brought them up in conversation with your colleagues. The next goal is to connect educators to each other. Hopefully you feel compelled to write a blog post or share your experiences on twitter. You change your practices in the classroom as you learn and grow. Then you go forth and share with others what you learned so they can learn from you.

Is that too much to ask?

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One thought on “Open Online Experience – The start of something

  1. Great explanation of #ooe13 Brendan. I have also struggled to explain what the experience will be like to those who haven’t experienced a cMooc or other connectivist learng experience.

    Thanks for launching OOE13, and allowing us to share the learning journey with you and your school.

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