Massivly Skype Chat – Copyright Snafu

I find it amazing the number of new skills our children have to navigate in this world. Skills most adults fail to understand and use in their own lives.
People my age often speak nostalgically of the things we did as kids.
We might say something like, “Kids these days have it so easy they can just go download the song they want to hear. We had to sit and listen to the radio for hours, (holding our pee, because you know the second you left the room your song would come on) waiting for that one song.”
I remember those days.  We would hit record on our tape deck just when as song was beginning, and half the time the darn DJ spoke over the intro. Did we ever care about copyright and ownership? No way, that tape was ours and we made as many copies as we wanted. we gave them away for free to our girlfriends and boyfriends. Yep, we made them to share.
Sharing these days isn’t so easy.
The internet made it easy to find and listen to your favorite music, and it made it a heck of a lot easier to share, but it also made it a legal jungle. We may hate lawyers now, but if your aren’t a lawyer in the future you might be in trouble.
My son is a member of the Massively Minecraft Server. A really cool place where he plays Minecraft, makes friends around the world, learns digital skills, and builds community. Below is a conversation where they learn to navigate some of the intricacies of copyright.  His friend had remixed a video and added a bit of a song for background music.

Original POst
Why did the company block this video.

post 2
Wait was it blocked for everyone or just blocked for us? And why? what does it mean for copyright grounds? Is someone going to get arrested?

Post 3
So copyright is discouraging someone from making something. The complete opposite of the justification for the law. After a bit of questioning we realize that some “stupid” company is making life difficult.  We can understand restrictions if we were perhaps creating something to sell big or small, but honestly a couple of pre-teens remixing for their own personal enjoyment, is that what a major company needs protection from?
Why is it everyone always suspects the music?

Yep, the music, but only in one of the countries. Does this surprise anyone? At least we are encouraging everyone to keep trying.

We are learning fast not to play the game. Copyright is becoming a game of, “it’s mine and I won’t let you play” until I have soaked you for every penny. Ah, but there are those who don’t have profit as their only motive. That isn’t to say that it is wrong to make money, just that it is wrong to take it too far. You know moderation in all things.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this @dendari! I think what I love about it most is how it demonstrates the way the kids in Massively@jokaydia operate as a kid-powered learning network. It’s lovely to watch them share ideas, work things out and learn together in Skype and in the mines.

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