Four Legged Guest

The tails of the two four legged guests this week.

(just ignore the grammar)

We have two house guests this week. Gracie and Austin.


Austin likes to climb

Gracie likes to play.

Let me tell you about Gracie’s day. She goes for a walk at 5:30 AM, but she doesn’t walk she wants to jog. Which is great because I need the exercise, but I’m old and fat and slow. She keeps looking back lie, “Umm, do you think you can pick up the pace old man?”

Whatever, you’ve got four legs, I only have two.

When we get home she goes to sleep on the couch.

At 9 ish my son gets up and takes her for another walk. She comes home and goes back to sleep on the coach.

Later the neighbor comes over with his dog and Gracie goes out again and the boys chase each other around and around the yard. Eventually, rolling around in a big pile in the mud.

Luckily for me he takes her right upstairs to the bath and cleans her up. I can tell because he leaves a bunch of wet towels and dirty water in the tub. The dog is clean though.

Now it’s 6 O’clock and she is back sleeping on the couch. Sometimes it’s good to be a dog.

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