What is this week 4?

The school year is beginning to take on the uniformity where you can’t really tell one week from the other. Real content started Friday. We are starting the progression of a 15 day (or so) rotation. Pre-test, teach, post-test, analyze data.

For non-educators, the pre-test helps you group students. You don’t want too big of a spread between students in one group. Teach and formally informally assess on a daily basis so you know if they learned the day’s lesson. Then the unit test and look closely at the data to see if the students as a whole are ready to move on.


I had a whole bunch more to write about, but that was during my morning walk and I forgot it all. I’ve spent three days trying to remember, but I can’t. So I’m just going to post this and start new at the end of the week.


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