Neenan’s Sky High Base

Chapter 1. “Skybase” one day I was wondering about the fields when this guy named billy said “Hi there want to join my on my sky base?” I said “SHURE! Let’s Do this!” I ran with him into the mud land the most dangers place in my town I went with him And I saw it! WOW! I said I must get in and play forever! Then I started to worry I was already neck deep in Mud! AHH i started to run! But I was stuck entirely under! NOOOO!

Chapter 2. “STUCK” Help! I said or well hmb! I was almost out of breath when ahhhhhHHHHHhhhhhhhhh! I was getting sucked into a giant tube! Then I woke up in a cloning machine! What the???? How the??? Ok this doesn’t make any sense…

Chapter 3A new Hope (starwars)” I woke up seeing Machines not in a cloning device ( I thought it was later knowing it was a death chamber (Out of story)) I walked around and seeing blood everywhere and then ZOMBIES!!! AHHHH!!! RUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!! (Laiter…) Well I see the base and what the *BOOM* (Two Hours Later…) Im awake now but ok this is new I think I might have a chance of making it if I do this: 1. Build a small hang glider 2. jump off the ship 3. Land on the air base

Chapter 4. “Trial And Error” Ok so Step 1. Finished step 2. GO! WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! OOOF! well step 2 & 3 were quick. Im on the base! Hi Dendari!

Chapter 5ZOMBIES!” I was peacefully wondering around the place when all of a sudden ZOMBIES!!! I ran for my life! I couldn’t escape! AHHH! *JUMP* I jumped out the window Escaping JUST IN TIME before The whole thing blew up well that wasn’t the real thing billy told me that was to attract zombies the real one is too high for anyone to see 😉  Well I think I made
it. 😉 Let’s Party all night!

Chapter 6how I got to the sky base” Well first I went to billy He said I have a model aircraft so we built a real one based of the model and we flew and fell WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! OOF! Well I have a chopper helicopter toy said billy I said “I have 50” “Whered you get those?” Said billy “Bought them” I said Let’s take off! *Flying* WOW I said then we landed on the skybase deck The End. 😉


          TOPIC: YOUTUBE!

                                               OK you have heard of youtube in my recent posts

                                               but was letting you test the water… theres soo much more like
                                               animations but I cant say so get a google account get youtube (comes
                                               with google account) and head out there guys!

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                                                      THE NEENAN TIMES

Topic: Video Games For LINUX (Ubuntu)

Ha Guys I have ALOT on my mind and alot to do I ahve a minecraft movie comeing up but…
Do you guys know eny good games (besides minecraft) for LINUX? (Ubuntu) Tell me in the chat thanks bye!!Youtube minecraft Massively Minecraft





So youtube you think is for videos right? well not technicely you can make videos but your still wrong
it’s about the youtube channel it self
and the edting and making the videos
 and you can make music videos and
much much more at this link be shure to get a channel!