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Was Harvey Weinstein a good businessman because he was a predator?

I don’t know the man personally or care enough about him or his work to do research, I’m just wondering. It seems to me that the character traits that people seem to value the most in business are those also used by predators. The need for power and control, constantly striving to be better than the competition, those sorts of things.

This isn’t to say all businessmen are predators, but perhaps our traditional view of the CEO model is that of a predator. I have actually studied leadership and it seems to me that while I learned a leadership style based on collaboration and using the strength of many, it was always (always) contrasted with the traditional view of a leader. That is it was always compared to a person who takes charge, knows everything, and tells everyone else what to do. A real top down rockstar CEO model.

So are the traits that made Harvey Weinstein a rockstar CEO the same ones he used to allegedly assault women?

More importantly there has been a push to have businessmen save politics and education. Are these the type of people who should be learning in these realms?

As a final note, yes I used businessman intentionally. There are predatory businesswomen, but that is not the model we normally think of when we think of predatory businessman. Though I can think of several businesswomen off the top of my head who do fit this model.

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