How Will I Manage My Classroom

Some thoughts.

Please respond with your thoughts, criticisms, or whatever. I’ll probably never implement this in my classroom, at least not at this raw stage, but I’d like to know some thoughts.


Creativity has been on my mind this last couple of weeks. Listening to half an interview with the Author of “Imagine” on NPR.

My take was it goes like this. First, you study hard and learn everything you can. Second, when you get stuck you take a bit of a break and let inspiration strike. Third, you work twice as hard to make that inspiration a reality.

The next day I’m discussing motivating students. How do we get the trouble-makers in the back of the room who never want to do any work, to actually do any work?

Realization, you don’t. We spend our creativity and effort getting the students who want to be involved excited and working and learning.Let the trouble-makers choose to join or not.

So much in our school culture is about motivating the bottom students.

At the Federal, state, and district level we spend money, time, and effort bringing those students up to the middle and what happens? The next year more students are falling behind.

At the individual school level:

We require the trouble-makers to keep busy and not disrupt the classroom.

  • No phones
  • No talking
  • Here’s a worksheet if you don’t want to participate in learning
  • Read a book

The object really is avoid the time-consuming power struggle of “I may be forced to come to school, but I’ll be damned if I will learn anything.”

We wait and let the passion and/or excitement infect the trouble-makers and they choose to get involved in the classroom.

I will not waste my creativity trying to convince someone who is dead set on not doing any work to learn something. Instead I will use my creativity to increase the excitement for those who do want to learn.

Let their excitement draw the others in, or not. Their choice not mine.