Automotive Solution: Coupling Honda Sonic Troubled

How to setup the correct clutch lever and tips on using it properly?

Reason question: My motorcycle h * nda S * nic since 7 months of motor pickup has 2x replacement clutch plate. Please enlighten him.

Dear Taufic,

That way clutch settings:
1. Set the clutch-free play distance by adjusting the top adjustment nut by rotating to the left (counter-clockwise) or by adjusting the bottom tuning nut by rotating to the right (clockwise) and measuring the free-range handle handle around 10 -20 mm.
2. Do not adjust the clutch handle too tight or too tight because the effect if too tight will result in a quick clutch canvas skid and if too tenuous it would be hard to move the gear to neutral position because the clutch does not press / work when loose stalk coupling or vice versa.

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Tips for a durable clutch canvas:
1. At the time of using the clutch is not recommended for half coupling especially when passing high puddles by forcing the use of half the clutch so that the motor engine does not die.
2. At the time at the red light is not recommended to press the clutch handle, but position the teeth in a state of Neutral.
3. Check the cable routing is correct and also check the movement of the clutch cable smoothly or not if not smoothly replace the clutch cable.
4. Perform oil changes, periodically. Because the clutch performance will decrease when the quality of oil has decreased, meaning that if the oil is rarely replaced can make a more coarse friction that can cause the canvas easily eroded.
5. For complaints already done replacement clutch 2 times during the use of 7 months, I suggest to come to the nearest authorized Honda (AHASS) repair shop for further checking or analysis to ensure the cause of the clutch quickly wearing clutch.
So I convey this information, may be useful. thanks.


Venus Adha

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