BMW Motorrad Inaugurates Special Modification Division

Berlin - To accommodate its customers who like to make modifications, BMW Motorrad officially announced BMW Motorrad Spezial.

This division will offer a distinctive design, performance improvement, and exclusive customization options for lovers of motor gede (moge) from Germany.

Launched Indianautosblog, Tuesday (18/07/2017), the company will promise the use of high-class materials, and expertise from skilled technicians with attention to detail changes.

Available from August 2017, Spezial products will include exclusive enhancements and products from BMW Motorrad's original line of accessories.

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As a first step, this new BMW Motorrad Spezial will be available for touring and heritage models, as well as other models will follow in the future.

To dress mogenya, customers can directly buy accessories and all the equipment in the Spezial division. However, there are other ways that customers can choose accessories from Spezial World and then just upgrade in the future.

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