Honda Civic Type R Italian Concoction, Increasingly Aggressive

After launching the Civic Type R version of the highway in March, Honda Motor Co. last week introduced its racing version. This car will be used in various racing series, including TCR International Series.

The photo above is a R-type racing appearance, or the official name of Civic Type R TCR. Until now there is only one photograph that was launched by the Japanese manufacturer.

As can be seen, the car that was developed with JAS Motorsport from Italy is appearing more aggressive than the standard. There is a large front splitter, a large bonnet hole, large wheel arches, and no wings on the back.

The whole bodykit is basically a aerodynamic package that can reduce drag, as well as improve downforce than previous cars. This car is also equipped with driver cooling, a very important feature in a particular racing event, such as 24-hour racing.

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"This new car shows significant developments in key areas such as aero, suspension, and electronics," said Mads Fischer, from JAS, quoted from Top Gear.

In the sector of the machine, Civic Type R TCR is carrying a 2.0 liter turbo engine four-cylinder-powered 350 Tk. As a benchmark engine in the standard Type R powered only 316 Tk.

Civic Type R TCR will be made as many as 25 units, and will begin to be used in the event TCR International Series next season. In addition it will also be sold to the general public, but in limited quantities. Unfortunately not mentioned how much the price.

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