Lock Space Thief, Do not Switch Alarm Vibrator Sensor

To prevent this theft case, then the vehicle should be equipped with a qualified security system. Not enough just one alarm, need a double wheel lock, gps tracker, or anti starter.

"The name of the thief, there must be a way, and more clever, but at least we narrow the space of the thieves," said Aat from JavaMotor, alarm specialist, when talking with us, recently.

Continue Aat, many car owners who turn off the vibrating sensor on the car alarm. In fact, this feature is quite important, because when the car burglarized through the window, if there is no vibration sensor then the alarm will not sound.

"Indeed, if it is not turned off and because there is a slight vibration the alarm must be ringing, let alone disturbing the neighbors around, but where to choose, disturbed or safe car?" He explained.

Actually, the vibrating sensor of this alarm should not be turned off. The reason, the level of sensitivity can still be set to a very minimal level. "If the alarm does not have sensor vibration, better replaced, the price varies, ranging from Rp 600 thousand," he concluded.

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