Perodua Ready to Produce Compact SUV, Will So Ayla Crossover?

Segment Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), is currently growing rapidly. Not only in Indonesia, in other Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, this tall dimension car is enough to be excellent.

In fact, Perodua or other name Daihatsu in the Jiran State Market, is considering to introduce one latest compact SUV. Unfortunately, Perodua is still reluctant to reveal more information about this new SUV model.

"Not out of our reach, and we are studying our ability to introduce such models," explains Datuk Aminar Rashid, President and CEO of Perodua, as quoted by, Tuesday (18/7/2017).

Although the information on this latest compact SUV is not yet known for sure, Perodua remains committed, regardless of the model being introduced in the future, sticking to the company's position, which is compact and affordable.

If talking a compact car at an affordable price, definitely leads to environmentally friendly cars or commonly called LCGC in the Indonesian market.

That way, many bases can be taken, such as the Daihatsu Cast Activa or a compact crossover, Daihatsu FX Concept.

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For the last model is most likely to be produced, especially the car that has mejeng on the mat Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2015 ago, received a fairly positive response.

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