See Direct Figure of Small MPV Mitsubishi, Shocking!

Okazaki - Shocking. At least that describes the feeling of when looking directly, in Japan, the figure of a small MPV Mitsubishi candidate who is known as the XM Concept.

At the invitation of PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) sees and tastes for the first time directly at Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Okazaki Plant, Aichi, Japan.

Unfortunately has not been able to provide detailed explanation of the features owned to the name of this car because of the policy of the principal Mitsubishi. But we'll give you an idea so you can imagine it.

In terms of dimensions, small MPV Mitsubishi is longer, wide and high than its competitors. The wheelbase is longer. As a result, this car's stature appears more bongsor than his opponents, such as duet Avanza-Xenia, Ertiga and Mobilio.

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Questioning the design, small MPV Mitsubishi can be said to be similar like the concept model. Carrying the design language Dynamic Shield like Mitsubishi SUV model, call it all new Pajero Sport. But for us, the appearance of small MPV Mitsubishi closer to other SUV models that Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross circulating in the European market.

For the legs, there is no information about the specification details. But certainly the size of the rim equals competitors who offer size 15 inches and 16 inches.

Moving into the cabin, we are again surprised. The interior of this car is more spacious than his opponents. Actually it was predictable when he saw his big body.

Sitting on the bench driver, leg room and head room was roomy. Likewise when sitting in the second row. Feet can move freely and the head should not be afraid of the roof kepentok because leaving a large headroom.

But when sitting in the third row, which has 175 cm height felt limited body space. We recommend that you are not sitting in this position. We also feel the small MPV seat is quite thick and fairly soft so for a long trip will remain comfortable.

As a family car, Mitsubishi really think about the needs of the people of Indonesia who usually carry a lot of luggage. Therefore, the space behind the third row seat can accommodate four gallons of mineral water. Meanwhile, if the second and third row seats are folded, the available space will be so roomy again.

Not only that, this car also has enough storage space as in the center console and door side. To note, the box on the middle console small MPV Mitsubishi can save four bottles of mineral water size 600 ml.

Impression information while riding and being a passenger we will describe in the next article.

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