Suzuki GSX 150 Series The God Savior

Suzuki's two-wheeler sales continue to erode in the past few years. Due to the number of sales continue to decline, Suzuki position is always in the order of the top three exceeded Kawasaki.

The impact of the sales decline affects their marketing network. Based on Suzuki's records, many dealers end up hoisting white flags or giving up because of the difficulty of competing.

"Since the sales of Suzuki motorcycles has dropped so many showrooms are closed, we used to have 1,100 outlets in 2005, now there are 350 outlets," said Managing Director of PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) Seiji Itayama in Jakarta recently.

Falling sales of Suzuki can be understood because the manufacturer bearing the letter 'S' is only rely on "super duck" Satria F150 and scooter Address. While other models do not contribute significantly.

Now, after giving birth to GSX-R150 and GSX-S150 duets, Suzuki began to confidently rebuild their "empire" in the national market. The reason, both brand-new model is very good trend in helping boost sales of Suzuki.

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As a result, previously closed lid dealers started to stand again. "Now that Suzuki's sales are going up again, many dealerships that are closed now open again," Itayama said.

For information, dealers who are under the auspices of SIS itself there are currently 64 outlets. According to Itayama, it continues to communicate with its business partners to revive the Suzuki dealers

"We continue to discuss with the sales network, whether to open again or not," he concluded.

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