Understand Beda Water Battery Red and Blue to Buy Nothing Wrong

Wet batteries are one of several types of batteries sold in the market. Compared with the dry battery, a key feature of the wet battery is that the water inside will shrink slowly. In order for the battery to be well maintained, then the water quantity must be maintained.

When the water is already below the normal threshold, the vehicle owner should immediately add it. Water for refills can be easily purchased at a regular workshop or automotive shop. In this case, one thing to note is the type of battery water.

When we go to the automotive shop, then generally we will find two liquids for the battery. First, the liquid with a red shades wrap. Second, the liquid with a wrapper with a blue hue. This distinction is not without cause. It is sorted because it is a different designation, though the same for the battery.

"The blue bottle is to add a little battery liquid, but if for a new battery, wear a red bottle," said Syahrudin, Advisor of PT Astra Otoparts Tbk, at Shop & Drive in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Thursday (13 / 7) yesterday.

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The difference between these two types of liquids is the substance contained therein. In liquids whose packaging is red or also called zuur battery, contain sulfuric acid (H2S04) containing electrolytes, which are substances that can store and conduct electricity.

Compared to water in blue packaging, this liquid is quite dangerous because if exposed to the skin will be able to make itching.

Because the substance that can store and conduct electricity is the battery of this type that must be used for the first battery. Typically, each manufacturer already has its own H2S04 formula.

Meanwhile, blue-packed water is used to increase the volume. Unlike the red ones, this water is basically water that has been demineralized so it does not contain any metal at all. This type of water will not increase the weight of the remaining H2SO4.

Although the content is different, in the market price of the two are not far adrift. On one of the online selling pages, one seller sells both at a price of Rp 8,000.

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