User Error Tire Fluid Liquid, Anything?

Using a tire filling fluid that is inserted into a tubeless tire, it could be a solution to avoid nail mines. However, many mistakes riders who actually make the liquid is not working optimally.

Described Jordan H, Sales Manager of PT Tetsan- Maju Bersama (TMB), producer of IML tire patch liquid in addition to the nail hole that is too big, sometimes the wind is less.

"So, if the winds are not standard or less will not be maximal, so when pulling the nails and the wind is reduced do not lazy wind or nitrogen contents," explains Jordan when talking with journalists in Jakarta Fair Kemayoran, recently.

Continue Jordan, important or not increase the wind or nitrogen when the tire is exposed to nails, can be seen from the condition of the tire. "Usually, indeed when the nails are removed the wind must be reduced, but little or no discharge can be seen when climbed back," he explained.

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Therefore, the TMB suggest when pulling the spikes directly turn the tire down. Because the tire liquid is under the bottom so can be directly closed. "The safe is when pulling nails, nail position is under," he added.

Meanwhile, for the use of tire patch liquid is indeed on average tubeless tires, and is not recommended for use in tube type tires. "Not that it can not, it could be, but the surface of the inner tube is thinner, so when the spikes are not pulled it will still damage the tires," he concluded.

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