"Keeping anger is the same as holding hot coals for someone to throw, We will burn." -Sidharta Gautama

In life it is natural that there are events that make us angry and disappointed. But quickly control our emotions again. Do not let the feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy, resentment or disappointment to a partner, friends, colleagues, or boss in the office entrenched long in our hearts.

Pique, anger and disappointment will only activate the law of attraction, making us accept what we give.

If you get upset with your spouse or you have a friend who breaks the promise, then we blame them for the mess, then we'll regain the blame.

The return of that state should not always be from the person we blame, but in truth we will regain the circumstances we blame.

Be dismissed, forgive. The heart will feel more relieved and lighter in life, more focused on the purpose of life without burdened by heart diseases that will only spend positive energy.

"If I searched myself, I became what I wanted. If I mengikhlaskan I have, I will receive what I need "- Tao Te Ching

May God grant infinite and unlimited patience for all of us, so that whatever obstacles and trials will be felt lighter 🙂
Once there was a young man who lives alone. Low education, living from work as a landlord belonging to wealthy landlords. Although his life is simple but actually he can go through his daily life well.

Once upon a time, the youth felt bored with his life. He does not understand, for what it really is living in this world. Every day working in the fields for food. Just pass the day to wait for when to die. The young man felt empty, discouraged, and meaningless.

"Rather than knowing what to live for and just waiting to die, I'd better end this life," he told himself. Prepared a rope and he intends to hang himself on a tree.

The tree, when he saw the sign, suddenly interrupted softly. "A handsome and kind-hearted young man, please do not hang on my aging forehead. Honey, if he broke. Yet every morning there are many birds that settle there, singing merrily to entertain anyone who is around here. "

Grumbling, the young man went on to pick another tree, not far away. As we got ready, the tree sounded, "Hi young man. You see up here, there is a wasp nest that is being done by so many bees diligently and diligently. If you want to kill yourself, please move elsewhere. Have mercy on bees and men who have worked hard but can not enjoy the results. "

Again, without answering a word, the young man walked in search of another tree. The word heard was not much different, "Young man, because of the shade of my leaves, is used by many people and animals to simply rest or take shelter under my foliage. Please do not die here. "

After the third tree, the young man was pensive and thought, "Even a tree so appreciates life. They love themselves in order not to be broken, not disturbed, and still shady to be able to protect nature and benefit other beings ".

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Immediately new awareness arises. "I am a human; young, strong, and healthy. It is not fitting for me to wipe out my own life. From now on, I must have ideals and will work well to be beneficial to other beings ".

The young man returned home with great enthusiasm and a sense of relief.

If we fill this life with grumbling, complaining, and pessimistic, surely we live this life (with) feels burdened and when no longer able to resist will enable us to take a shortcut that is suicide.

Conversely, if we are able to realize that life is so beautiful and exciting, of course we will appreciate this life. We will fill our lives, every day full of optimism, hope and aspiration that is fought for, and able to mingle with other human beings.

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