Now I will write the opposite. If the greatest secret is your sure way of success, then this article is about a surefire way to fail. If you must have the greatest Secrets, then you should avoid this Terrible Error.    The greatest mistake is when someone says the following sentence:  "I can not because ..."  Maybe you will shout at me, "It's true koq, I can not because ..."  You may have a reason, and you will defend desperately that your reason is valid. Just fine, please. If you want that your reason is right, then it is true. But what you need to pay attention to is, even though you are right still will not improve the situation. Whether your reason is right or wrong, you still can not.  The reason is belief. Precisely negative beliefs. But there is something more dangerous than that belief, that is your belief that there is no way out for your reasons. When you say you can not, then you reveal a reason and believe that your reason is right, what's worse is you do not take the excuse to mangatasi your problem.  My philosophy is "There is always a way out." Regardless of whether your reason is right or wrong, I have confidence that there is always a way out or your inability / incompetence. I'm sure if you will try, you will get a way out. But before you attempt to find a way out, the first step is you have to change all your reasons with one word, "I".  For example: "I can not get business because of me." That is, it is you who cause that you are not a business, not someone else, a neighborhood, or an incident. If you can already accept this fact, then you will get the solution. As long as you reason with yourself out of the way, you will not get a way out anytime.  When you've turned your reason for being yourself, it means you already have the ability to "leave excuses". If that is your own reason it means that there is no more reason. Look how you find your way out.  I close this article with one sentence you need to remember for life if you want to succeed:  Leave a reason, then success is within your grasp.
Want to increase your earnings?

Increase your productivity! Whether you are an employee, a professional, or a businessperson, your income will be directly proportional to your earnings.

Quality is important. High quality and high productivity will make your income big. High quality but not productive, still small results.

Why Productivity Can Increase Income?

Not Busy That Makes You Successful
Wrong if busy people and hard work all day is a guarantee of success. I think we can see around us, lots of people busy and hard work constantly, but his life does not change even more difficult.

Because it is not busy as needed. What is needed is the result. Just as you are busy, but if the results are few, then get a little.

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Busy but a lot of work is pending. Busy but many projects are not finished. Busy but customer does not increase. Then why expect income will rise.

Productivity That Will Increase Your Results
Simple actually. Everyone has 24 hours per day. However, there are people who earn less while there are people who become billionaires. Though the time is the same. It may also be time spent trying to be the same.

But, koq the result is different?

Because the results are different.

Clearly, people who produce more and more quality will earn more money. Suppose you are a craftsman, the more your work, the more chances you get from selling your product.

The more jobs that work out in your hands, the more chances you get promotion, pay rise, at least maintained when there is downsizing.

It makes sense right?

Not Time Management That Makes You Earning
It may cross your mind, "I have to fix my time management nich". Stop. Time management will not increase your productivity.

The productivity is determined by

Anything you do
How you do it
No matter how great your time management is, but what you do is worth less and even less valuable, the results will not be much different. In fact you still waste time to do other things that are actually much valued, far to give results.

No matter what you do. No matter what you do. No matter how busy you do it. If what you do is worthless, you will not get anything.

So it's not busy. Nor is work efficient because of time management. But because you do the right thing, the high value and the most important. That's what makes you productive.

Also, the way you do things will have an impact. You need to think about skills, methods, and systems in doing things in order to give you plenty of results and quality. I often emphasize that there is a better way than what you are doing right now.

More Productive Ability Is A Very Important Ability
Accepting the concept of productivity is the first step. Good, if you accept that you should be more productive. Not ONLY longer work there is harder.

Then how to apply it in everyday life.

You must have the mindset of a productive person. You must have the ability to choose a valuable job and not. Also you must have the ability to manage overloaded information.

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